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How do we do this? We encourage the athletes to speak up when something doesn't feel right. That means kids know they can tell a coach when they are in pain, the coach will listen and they can work together to adjust the assignment if need be. It means having an environment where a child can feel comfortable telling an adult they aren't ready for something and knowing the coach will listen. It means our athletes know they are in control of their bodies and their sport and they can count on their coaches to help guide them.

Culture 2 - Integrity.png

How do we do this? We teach kids the importance of honor and respect. Completing assignments to the best of their ability and not cheating under any circumstances, looking a person (including adults) in the eye and speaking loud and clear, talking directly to someone when there is a problem in order to find a solution rather than just complaining, showing up to practice and putting in 100% to honor the commitment you've made. We teach this directly AND through modeling these characteristics ourselves.

Culture 3 - Never give up.png

How do we do this? There is no doubt that gymnastics and learning to swim can be scary and we deal with fear on a regular basis. We teach resilience by walking alongside a child who has fear, helping them learn to come up with a plan to overcome any nerves or disappointment they may encounter. We encourage trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zone - making sure all athletes know that we are there supporting them every step of the way.

Our Culture is not just what we do, it who we are.

We embrace openness, we value integrity, we never give up.

Become part of the Elite family today.

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