College Bound Gymnasts

Over the years Elite Gymnastics has trained some of the brightest and most talented young gymnasts in the area. We strive to mold well-rounded athletes by balancing gymnastics with education.  For questions or more information regarding our gymnasts please contact Sierra Trussell at 913.469.5554.

Class of 2024

McKenna Myers

Level 9

Routines & Skills


Vault:   Yurchenko Layout

Bars:    Kip cast HDS + bail to HDS, kip cast HDS, toe HDS,
              clear hip HDS, toe shoot to high bar, kip cast HDS,
              giant, giant, tuck double back dismount

Beam:  BHS+layout step out, switch leap+tuck 3/4, punch
              front, 1/1 turn, wolf jump+beat jump, BHS+layout
              1/1 dismount

Floor:   FHS+layout+layout, switch 1/2+popa, aerial
              cartwheel, RO+back layout 3/2+front tuck,
              RO+BHS+double full, 3/2 turn

  • Regional Qualifier Level 8


Class Rank:


Former Athletes

Madison Vanderpool

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Taryn Vanderpool


Jenessa C.

Auburn University

Sarah C

University of Missouri

Kelly M

University of Georgia

Anne S.

Boise State University

Lisa A


Anna B

University of Arizona

Over the last 45 years Elite has sent girls off to be successful at many schools for gymnastics -Auburn, MIT, Missouri, Georgia, Arizona, KU, and Southeast Missouri State to name a few!

While competing college gymnastics is an incredible accomplishment, it is not the only future benefit to competitive gymnastics. Many of our gymnasts have gone on to compete collegiate sports in other areas such as pole vault, diving, and competitive cheer - all made possible by their background in gymnastics. We are proud of all our former athletes and continue to do everything we can to help our current gymnasts reach their goals - whatever they may be!


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