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5 Reasons to Swim through Summer!

Lots of people think that because they take their kids to pool over the summer, they don't need to sign up for swim lessons. Our Aquatics Director, Sofia, is here to tell you why continuing lessons over the summer is a great idea!

According to American Red Cross Association, nearly 50% of Americans are unable to swim. Swimming skills are lifesaving and it is crucial to start learning them as early on as possible. This is why Elite Aquatics program is designed for children starting at age of 3 months to adults. We offer free trial classes so you and your child can experience all the fun of lessons without pressure and then sign up if we met your expectations (we can almost guarantee you that we will).

We can talk endlessly about the benefits of swimming. First of all, it provides great exercise for cardiovascular system with low impact to the body. In addition, it teaches people lifesaving skills that will be carried throughout life.

Also, swimming is fun! We want to make sure that you and your child are safe while having fun. Below are 5 reasons why your child should be swimming year round:

1. Swimming helps build endurance

As an aerobic activity, swimming helps to work on all body muscles and support cardiovascular health.

2. Helps children to socialize in an environment outside of school

When school is out and kids are at home, they might miss out on being around friends. Swim lessons make sure they are spending time with other kids! Lessons at Elite are so much fun. We focus on providing lessons that focus on both skills and fun to make sure that every participant is happy.

3. Water Temperature

It can get challenging to jump into cold water. In addition, children have less body fat and are more likely to get hypothermic. At Elite Aquatics we care about comfort and are pleased to offer heated pools (92° F) all year round, so kids can focus on enjoying the water instead of shivering on the side.

4. Repetition, repetition, and repetition

Repetition is amazing! Swimming skills require repetition. When kids take a few months off of regular lessons, their skills can lapse and it can become unsafe. In addition, when school is over and there is no set schedule, things for your kids can get hectic. We do not want you and your children to lose skills and motivation.

5. Safety Skills

Safety is important. Knowing that your child can save their life in an emergency is the best feeling. Our swim lessons are geared towards making children water safe. Whether they are swimming at the lake or having fun at the outdoor pool, they need to know safety rules and how to help themselves. Sign up today and have peace of mind.

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