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Competitive Gymnastics Coaching Position

KC Elite Gymnastics, located in Lenexa, KS, has been serving the Johnson County area for 46 years. Currently, we are looking for driven individuals to build a rewarding long-term career with us as Compulsory and Optional Coaches!

While we strive to produce athletes who regularly succeed in competition, it is more important to us that we are helping grow confident, honorable, resilient kids. We are looking for coaches who will join us on our quest to have happy, healthy gymnasts who love the sport and have fun in addition to working hard!

We are looking for coaches to begin coaching next competitive season (approx. May/June 2020-2021), but would be willing to have the right candidates start sooner or later based on availability. Option for Head Coaching position to be available based on performance.

Requested Experience:

  • High School Diploma

  • Extensive background in gymnastics

  • Experience coaching competitive gymnastics

  • Able to coach compulsory USAG levels 1-5

  • Optional Coaching experience preferred, but not required as we are willing to train the right individual

  • Full and Part time positions available with salary negotiable based on experience. Health and Dental Insurance, paid sick days and Holidays included.

If you would like to apply, please send a copy of your resume with a cover letter to Sierra Trussell at or fill out the job application below.

Why Elite? What makes us unique?

Elite is the longest running gym in the Kansas City area. Gerald Carley, our owner and current head coach, has been running Elite since 1973. While it may seem that gymnastics is his biggest passion, he greatest reward in life comes from first and foremost being a teacher. Whether it is stopping by a preschool class between optional rotations to help a 4 year old on his lunge, pausing his vault rotation to discuss foreign affairs with his level 6's, or sitting down with his General Manager to explain his business processes, Gerald is always helping others learn.

Being a well rounded individual with strong character is our priority here at Elite. It is non uncommon to see Gerald step into his garden with a group of gymnasts to show them how to properly pick peaches off the tree, or allow an injured gymnast who is sitting out to help him install eye hooks into the wall for our dance teacher by teaching them to use a drill. Whether it's fixing a gymnast's round off or showing them a new life skill - Gerald is a teacher first.

We are focused on building strong, successful gymnasts. We pride ourselves in strong basics and believe that they lead to strong optional level gymnasts. However equally as important are the character qualities that we instill in our athletes - the main points that we outline through our Vision and Culture.


Our Vision

We are a family-centered, character-focused community dedicated to helping grow confident, honorable, resilient kids through the sports of gymnastics & swimming.


Our Culture

We embrace openness - All staff, parents, and children are encouraged to voice their thoughts, opinions, and concerns to allow for open dialogue. Everyone’s point of view matters and we are dedicated to listening more than speaking.

How do we do this? We encourage the gymnasts to speak up when something doesn't feel right. That means athletes know they can tell a coach when they are in pain, the coach will listen and they can work together to adjust the assignment if need be. It means having an environment where a child can feel comfortable telling their coach they aren't ready for something and knowing the coach will listen. It means our athletes know they are in control of their bodies and their gymnastics and they can count on their coaches to help guide them.

We value integrity - Honesty, reliability, and respect infiltrate everything we do.  We are devoted to instilling those values
in every student who walks through our doors, beginning by emulating them ourselves.

How do we do this? We teach kids the importance of integrity and respect. Completing assignments to the best of their ability and not cheating under any circumstances, looking a person (including adults) in the eye and speaking loud and clear, talking directly to someone when there is a problem in order to find a solution rather than just complaining, showing up to practice and putting in 100% to honor the commitment you've made. We teach this directly AND through modeling these characteristics ourselves.

We never give up - Overcoming hard times, disappointment, and fear is a part of life. We are committed to helping others step outside their comfort zone and face adversity head on.

How do we do this? There is no doubt that gymnastics can be a scary sport and we deal with fear on a regular basis. We teach resilience by walking alongside a gymnast who has fear, helping them learn to come up with a plan to overcome any fear or disappointment they may encounter. We encourage trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zone - making sure all athletes know that we are there supporting them every step of the way.

Our culture is not just what we do, it's who we are. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, fill out the application below. We would love for you to join our team!

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