Swim Lessons

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Summer Swim Classes Start June 5
Session 1 is 6/5-15 from 9am-12:00
Session 2 is 6/19-29 from 9am-12:00
Session 3 is 7/10-20 from 9am-12:00
Session 4 is 7/24-8/4 from 9am-12:00

Aqua Tots
This class is for ages 6 months to 2 years accompanied by an parent or adult. Focuses on teaching parents how to educate their child in basic water skills, white building the preparation and confidence needed to progress to the Bubble Blowers class.


Ages 2 to 4 years old. This class focuses on diminishing any fear and acclimating students to the water. Before moving to Swim Basics swimmers must able to float while prone and while on their back without support.

Blowers +
5 years old and up. This class is for students who have not yet mastered the prone and/or back float.

Beginning Swim Basics
4 years old and up. Swimmers will be introduced to freestyle swimming, then back stroke and rhythmic breathing.

Swim Basics
4 years old and up. Swimmers will work on perfecting freestyle and backstroke, along with being introduced to butterfly and breaststroke.

Competitive Stroke Training
Designed for pre-competitive and Novice Competitive swimmers. This class works toward perfecting stroke technique while building endurance and strength. 45 minute class session. Invitation only class.

Adult Swim
A beginner swim class designed for adults with little to no experience in the water. Swimmers will learn controlled breathing, treading water, water safety skills, and basic swimming strokes (freestyle and backstroke).


For more advanced adult swimming classes please contact the Aquatics Director.

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