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Special Needs Lessons

Special Needs Classes are for students who may learn better in a one on one environment. Every lesson is structured for the individual child with focus on safety and fun.

Note: Children with special needs are welcome in ALL classes at Elite, as we know that inclusion matters! Our Special Needs specific classes are simply an additional option for parents who feel private lessons are a better fit for their child. We are happy to work with you and your child to come up with an option that will give your family the best experience possible.

Special Needs Swim

A class for children with special needs geared towards learning how to swim in a safe, caring environment with fun activities

Duration: 30 minutes

Words from Customers

My daughter has low muscle tone and poor coordination. Children's Mercy Hospital occupational therapists suggested that we try swim lessons. We wanted swim lessons for exercise, enjoyment, and water safety. Exercise and enjoyment were immediately fulfilled at Elite. Anje loves the warm water. She adores her instructor. She has loved learning to glide, kick, and paddle/stroke. We plan to continue coming to Elite and paddle our way towards the goal of water safety.


                                                   -Sharon K.

Maddie loves to be in the water but really struggles with motor coordination. She is also easily agitated. We’ve tried swim lessons many times over the years and Elite is by far the best instructor we’ve had. She is gently assertive yet patient in helping Maddie push through her difficult moments. She flexes to Maddie’s interests and needs and Maddie really loves her!


                                                   -Kris R.

Meet the Instructor

Meet Faith! This will be her third year of teaching special needs swimming classes. Her integration into this community began with the birth of her 2nd youngest brother in 2008. Going into each new class she creates individual lesson plans for every child. She has basic ASL skills that also aid in her communication with her students and is currently in her second year of nursing school. Come and meet Faith!

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